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Health & Wellbeing

Crunch n’ Sip

Crunch n’ Sip is a healthy snack program in which our school participates. This consists of a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable and water at about 10am daily. Please note – muesli bars, roll-ups and other dried fruit snacks cannot be eaten at healthy snack time. Parents are requested to send a water bottle to school (no cordial or other drinks) which students keep on their desk to support learning and optimum brain function.

Students with Medical Conditions

Health Care Plans

Some students may require assistance with their routine or emergency health and personal care needs. Before staff can assist with this, parents / carers must provide written information from their doctor which outlines specific care needs. Forms for care plans are available from the front office for a range of health conditions and needs, including:

The purpose of these ‘Care Plan’ forms is to ensure that the school has information from the treating health professional relevant to the student’s health, well-being, attendance, learning and care at school. We can then write a ‘Health support plan’ for the child if deemed necessary by the school or if any of the following are relevant:

Health support plans are formed using the written information from the treating health professional, with discussion between school staff and the parent/guardian.

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to:

Medication Management

Where possible, we encourage students to take medication outside of school hours, eg. Three times per day can be taken in the morning before school, afternoon straight after school and bedtime.

If medication needs to be taken at school students will be supervised in managing this process themselves (where capable) or will be given the medication by front office staff.

Please note: Staff are unable to administer medication unless the school is provided a medication plan signed by a doctor.


Students with asthma (even if ‘mild’ or ‘occasional’) need an asthma care plan completed and signed by the treating doctor and given to front office staff. Staff can remind students to take their preventative asthma medication prior to physical activity if this is part of the asthma care plan.

Staff are also trained to administer reliever medication in the event of an asthma attack. Parents will be contacted if this occurs. The school has reliever medication for use in emergency situations only.

The Asthma Foundation has insisted that asthma medication and spacers cannot be shared. Every child must have their own medication and spacer for ease of administration.

Children with asthma are encouraged to carry their medication with them where recommended by a doctor. All other students - ie, those who are too young to administer their own medication, must have medication in the front office with their Asthma Plan.

All asthma medication must have the pharmacist label, including the student’s name, stuck on the puffer.

Head Lice

Many children at some time will have head lice. It is not a measure of cleanliness, in fact, head lice prefer clean hair.

A note will be sent home advising you of suitable treatment if:

Head lice treatment products are available for purchase from the Front Office.

Children who have been sent home for treatment must report to the Front Office before returning to class.

NOTE: All downloads open in a new browser window

Download File Size File Type
Headlice Control: Wet Combing and Chemical Treatment 398 KB Adobe PDF
Healthy Heads Without Headlice 173 KB Adobe PDF
You've Got What - Headlice 41 KB Adobe PDF
Headlice: Prevention and Treatment 231 KB Adobe PDF

Infectious Diseases List

If your child contracts any of the following diseases please keep them at home for the stated time.

Illness Recovery duration
German Measles 7 days or until fully recovered
Chicken Pox 7 days or until fully recovered
Measles 7 days or until fully recovered
Ringworm Keep covered. Students may attend school once medical treatment starts.
School Sores Blisters must have healed over. Keep covered while at school.
Whooping Cough 4 weeks, or until medical certificate of recovery is produced.