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What is the Uniform

The uniform is defined as the following:

Suggestions of extra clothing choices, such as Year 7 tops, will be welcomed from the students via the Learner Voice, parents/caregivers and staff. These recommendations are made to the Governing Council. There will be scope for fundraising dress up days.

What is not the Uniform

For safety reasons, the wearing of jewellery, rings and necklaces is to be minimal, with the exception of simple studs and / or sleepers, watches and “medi – alert” type medallions. Any jewellery containing a ‘loop’ or ring is not acceptable.

Students with pierced ears are to wear studs and / or sleepers. Other visible piercings will be studs only.

In support of the SUNSAFE policy and for general student safety, the following articles are NOT school wear:

Uniform Policy

Further information can be found in the uniform policy which is available from the Policies & Procedures page.

Uniform Shop

The school uniform is available for purchase from the Front Office.

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